Voice over New Radio (VoNR) is poised to dominate the telecom landscape, and regulatory standards will require VoNR devices to be fully Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) tested. Element offers a unique service to help you get to market sooner as you develop new 5G VoNR devices: all-in-one VoNR Hearing-Aid Compatibility testing. 

Element is equipped to fully test your VoNR-ready handsets for HAC compatibility to 2011 or 2019 ANSI standards, including Volume Control. We can guide you through the regulatory process to quickly get your VoNR-ready products certified and guarantee their stand-alone functionality, whether your devices are still in development or currently on the market.

Supporting Your VoNR Rollout with Hearing Aid Compatibility Testing

The rapid advancement of 5G wireless technology has enabled the next generation of voice services, known as VoNR, supplanting the analogous and widely adopted Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Because many networks in the US and Canada have already begun supporting VoNR, regulatory standards have been revised to facilitate end-user adoption, especially meant to support the hard-of-hearing community. These new standards will require proof of hearing-aid compatibility, as well as new requirements for Volume Control tests, T-Coil testing, and updated RFE test procedures and labeling requirements.

Efficient Regulatory Approvals

Element can support your device's needs to obtain FCC Permissive Changes under the requirements of the FCC. Often these novel technologies require a process called Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG), which can become complicated.  Element's experts in the field are familiar with time-sensitive deployments and can help you navigate your device’s certification process to ensure the highest quality submission, while maintaining critical timelines and ensuring your products get to market as efficiently as possible.

The Element Advantage

As a world leader in 5G testing and certification, our experts can guide you through the process and keep you on the leading edge. Element is dedicated to supporting the wireless industry as a single hub for device testing, certification, and regulatory guidance, with capabilities covering VoNR, NEBS and CBRS. For more information on how Element can help you across your entire project life cycle, please contact us today.

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