As wireless technology continues to advance, the number of consumer and industrial radio products is increasing exponentially. Wireless coexistence testing measures how multiple electronics interact in a single environment, helping manufacturers create effective products in increasingly crowded bandwidth.


Wireless Coexistence Testing Services

We work with you to perform thorough, comprehensive testing that evaluates product performance in high volume, crowded environments. Facilitated by ANSI C63.27 and AIM 7351731 methods, compatibility, susceptibility and immunity testing to record and interpret results, we provide you with feedback on how well your equipment interacts in a system, what types of conditions might affect performance integrity, and recommended improvements to product design.



Wireless Coexistence Testing of Medical Devices

From testing to risk assessments, our regulatory experts help ensure that your electronic medical devices meet the latest standards for safety and functionality.


Element’s medical device regulatory experts support you with compliance programs, ensuring that your wireless compliance and product testing strategy is robust. Our Early Stage Qualification (ESQ) group provides test plan services that help you design with certification and risk assessment in mind, helping to minimize testing costs and mitigate product failures.



Full Product Wireless Coexistence Testing of Medical Devices

With dedicated, full service EMCradio and safety testing facilities throughout the US and Europe, we are a single source provider for electrical and compatibility testing. Our independent certification services can support you with fast and efficient access to your target markets:



The Element Advantage 

In a fast-changing industry, we are a trusted partner for providing reliable testing and up-to-date certifications. Our wireless coexistence experts help ensure that your products are assessed to FDA and FCC requirements, and are compatible with a range of additional wireless devices. From medical equipment to personal devices, we have the expertise and experience to help you gain compliance quickly and easily. For more information or to request a quote for our services, including wireless coexistence, contact us today.

Four Steps to Prepare for Wireless Coexistence

Technology trends continue to drive the rapid growth of wireless devices, particularly in the medical industry. These trends have created new challenges for product developers, especially when it comes to the safe operation of their products in increasingly crowded spaces.


ANSI C63.27 - Wireless Coexistence Testing for Connected Medical Devices

With the the ever-changing regulations surrounding radio devices, manufacturers must fully understand the requirements and best practices associated with their products and must have a reliable, well-informed, and communicative testing partner to guide them through the testing process.


Wireless Interference Testing for Medical Devices

Interference to intended communications grows as the number of wireless users increase, which poses a risk to the proper operation of safety-critical devices such as wireless medical devices. Wireless coexistence testing helps to mitigate the risk of interference and provide safe products for patients worldwide. READ MORE

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