Covering consumer products, the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) exists to ensure that every product on the market in the European market is safe. It is a 'catch-all' directive to provide consumers with confidence that they will not come to harm using unsafe products.

Element’s electrical safety testing can provide all the services a manufacturer needs to meet the safety requirements of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD). Unlike many product directives, the GPSD does not require the use of CE marking but uses many of the same principles for demonstrating compliance, such as the use of harmonized standards.


Testing for the General Product Safety Directive

We provide objective, third-party testing, and support for CE marking. From identifying risks associated with the products to choosing test standards to compiling a technical file, Element is your ideal partner for ensuring safe, dependable products in compliance with the General Product Safety Directive.

Because of the broad scope of the directive, it can be difficult to understand the requirements for a specific product type. Through our product certification advisory services, we provide guidance, advice, and support in the initial stages of your product so that you can incorporate safety and reliability principles in your product's design.


General Product Safety Directive Notified Body services

Element is registered as a Notified Body for the Machinery Directive, allowing us to provide specialized services for your project. In addition to providing the testing needed to achieve certification, we offer assistance with technical files and support for routine quality checks.

We also provide Notified body services for the following directives:

The documentation that we issue is in a recognized format and thus should ensure universal acceptability by enforcement authorities throughout the EU. Non-compliance to a given directive can carry severe penalties both for the company and for the individual responsible for placing the product on the market. 


General Product Safety Directive Guidance

Because of the sheer number of products that may fall under this directive, it can be difficult to decide what products are applicable to the General Product Safety Directive, and how to choose which standards to follow. Our experts can assist in determining what testing needs to be performed, if any other directives must be followed, and what supporting documentation will be required.


End certifications and safety standards

In addition to CE marking requirements, Element provides safety testing services for countries around the world. We provide wireless and radio testing for North American, European and Asian markets, as well as zigbee testing and telecoms regulatory testing.

As a Certification Body Test Laboratory under the National Certification Body (NCB) scheme, we also offer testing and certification to the IECEE certification scheme, giving you significant access advantages to international markets.

Element's Global Market Access team can provide additional services for exporting products into the worldwide market.


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