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Element Houston Yorktown, known for both it's excellence in both the digital and physical realms of engineering, is a beacon in the industry. This facility is not only an ISO 17020, ISO 17025, and Nadcap accredited laboratory for testing and inspection of metals and non-metals, but also a leader in digital engineering.

Strategically located in Houston Yorktown, Element Houston Yorktown is a unique amalgamation of a state-of-the-art testing laboratory and a hub for digital engineering innovation. The facility operates comprehensive destructive and non-destructive laboratories, adept at testing a broad range of metal alloys, thermoplastics, composites, and elastomers. It boasts large-scale capacity for sour service testing, serving crucial industries such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Pipeline, both locally on the Gulf Coast of the USA and globally.

Element Houston Yorktown's commitment to advanced technology is evident in its combination of leading-edge testing technologies, methodologies, and proprietary technology, offering clients significantly extended capabilities, reducing testing lead times, and increased operational efficiency.

Element Houston Yorktown Capabilities and Services

In addition to its world-class testing facilities, Element Houston Yorktown offers a wide array of digital engineering services, designed to meet the intricate challenges of the industry. Our offerings include:

Together, these diverse capabilities position Element Houston Yorktown as a leader in both the physical and digital aspects of engineering, setting new standards in operational excellence and innovative problem-solving. Our Houston Yorktown office is dedicated to pushing the boundaries in both realms, providing unparalleled expertise and service to our clients worldwide.

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Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Element Houston Airbus MTL Approval
    PDF - 1.07 MB View
  • Element Houston SpaceX Approval
    PDF - 111.57 KB View
  • Houston A2LA Inspection Body Certificate and Scope 1480 07
    PDF - 451.94 KB View
  • Houston A2LA Mechanical Certificate and Scope 1480 05
    PDF - 482.83 KB View
  • Houston A2LA NDT Certificate and Scope 1480 06
    PDF - 448.16 KB View
  • Houston Boeing MTL Approval
    PDF - 172.6 KB View
  • Houston GT193 T9638 MTL
    PDF - 20.65 KB View
  • Houston GT193 T9638 UT
    PDF - 20.48 KB View
  • Houston LDEQ Accreditation
    PDF - 2.13 MB View
  • Houston Lockheed Martin Approval Notice NDT
    PDF - 72.88 KB View
  • Houston MTU Approval Certificate
    PDF - 511.04 KB View
  • Houston Nadcap MT Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 902.37 KB View
  • Houston Nadcap NDT Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 1.04 MB View
  • Houston Safran RT Approval
    PDF - 458.4 KB View

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