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The goal of a JIP from Element is to develop new knowledge and “know-how” about a particular technical challenge that may be too complex or too expensive for any single organisation to fund themselves and which also requires the application of specialized knowledge, skills and equipment that are not available directly within their own organization.

Joint Industry Projects from Element offer a highly effective and cost efficient method of developing short to medium term solutions to common technical research and development problems by sharing the costs of the project across a number of mutually interested parties.

As a world leader in material testing, product qualification testing and failure analysis, Element is ideally placed to develop and manage complex JIPs for its clients.

We have many years of experience in successfully running JIPs.

These include:

  • SOUR/SOUR2: Performance of oil & gas polymers in sour applications
  • COMPAT: Compatibility of elastomers and thermoplastic materials in oil and gas applications
  • ELBO/ELBO2: Developing test methods for rubber to metal bonding 
  • CAPP: Effect of chemical ageing on the performance properties of polymers
  • FE Project: Developing FE codes for evaluating the fatigue life of elastomeric bearings
  • COLD/COLDX: Characterization of polymeric materials in cold (0°C to -60°C) oil and gas production conditions
  • DAFM: Design analysis of adhesive joints based on fracture mechanics

  • PIPEAGE: To develop methods and data for characterizing the long term ageing of GRP pipes
  • ISO-Composites: To develop composites qualification standard (ISO 23936-4)

  • Seal Life II: To develop a methodology for predicting effective life of polymeric seals. 
  • Hose Life: To develop a validated life prediction methodology for bonded elastomeric hoses.
  • SourPerm: To develop techniques of accurately quantifying permeation of sour fluids through thermoplastic and GRE pipe materials
  • ASPIRE: To develop test methods representative of the reeling process for metallic pipes and insulation coatings.