Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) systems replicate the vibrational conditions of real-world service environments in controlled laboratory settings. Element provides multi-axial vibration testing for a full range of vehicle components and assemblies, delivering the data that automotive engineers need to develop safer, more reliable, and dependable vehicles and their associated components. 

Multi-Axial Simulation Table Testing

Element’s MAST system is capable of performing all six axes of motion across a wide range of real-world and often unpredictable operational conditions to ensure your products can handle the most severe end-use environments. 

MAST testing is a valuable tool in a variety of applications within the transportation industry, including noise and vibration testing, squeak and rattle, dynamics testing on fuel tanks, structural performance and durability testing of components and assemblies at the early stages of the vehicle development process. 

Element Expertise in Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) Testing

During MAST testing, our Engaged Experts subject your product or component to a real-time laboratory controlled test that is developed based on proving ground methods. We reduce the data we receive from the proving ground to remove all the non-damaging content, then we create the MAST test with these data, allowing you to correlate simulated part-life to proving ground part-life. 

This method produces a high-certainty and repeatable test which enables you to significantly reduce the time necessary to subject your parts to a full lifespan, getting new and improved products to market faster and more cost-effectively. 

Also, our multi-axial simulation table system has the unique capability of safely providing real-time load cycling of batteries in a self-contained room with fire suppression technology. 


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Element’s MAST system offers high-quality vibration simulation for a broad range of vehicle components and assemblies. 

We test:

Our Engaged Experts operate a 5’x7’ MAST system capable of delivering simultaneous application of force and motion in all six degrees of freedom (vertical, lateral, longitudinal, pitch, roll, and yaw) to produce many excitation methods and replicate an accurate, accelerated simulation of the real-world service environment. 

  • 1-50Hz frequency range
  • 1100 lbs. centered on table payload
  • 14 control or acquisition to channels available
  • 14 digital inputs/outputs

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