Although aviation technology allows aircraft to avoid many storms and other dangers, bird ingestion still causes millions of dollars in plane crashes and aircraft damage. Bird strike testing helps mitigate the risks of danger to human life and equipment.

Element's bird strike testing facility simulates the effects of an airborne bird strike and the resulting damage to aerospace products and components. Experts in our bird strike lab simulate impacts using a pneumatic cannon that can launch birds of weights of up to 8.0 pounds, and speeds up to 360 knots. Our facility is flexible, and our canon is adjustable, allowing us to make multiple shots in multiple locations while minimizing downtime and cost. High-speed video is available with speeds up to 100K frames per second.

Bird strike testing is an important part of aerospace product qualification testing. Our lab is a single-source provider for environmental simulation and qualification testing for manufacturers, developers and suppliers of aerospace equipment.

Element’s Bird Strike Testing Capabilities 

Element’s engineers can assist in developing and executing a bird strike test plan to fit your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art labs have the ability to provide custom set ups and handle large projects, making us the ideal testing partner for even the most complex challenges. With years of experience in the aerospace sector, you can have confidence that results from Element are reliable, accurate and complete. 


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