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Element Jupiter is a Center of Excellence for Hydraulic & Pneumatic test simulation and is a critical service-and-solution provider for aerospace, defense and other industries, both nationally and worldwide.

Our engaged experts offer highly specialized services that include extreme and combined environment simulation, fixture design and the creation of test implementation procedures. Element Jupiter performs hydraulics and pneumatics component and system simulation, FAA/JAA fire testing, vibration/shock testing (sine, random, mixed-mode, classical waveforms and SRS), low lubricity aircraft fuel testing, fuel icing, bleed air and high temperature/pressure/flow testing. We provide product qualification testing for individual components as well as assemblies and large systems.

Our services include:

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Jupiter A2LA Mechanical Accreditation
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  • Jupiter AeroFluids Supplier Audit Element Materials 10 16 15
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  • Jupiter RollsRoyce Approved Supplier
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  • Jupiter Rolls Royce Deutschland Approved Supplier
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  • Jupiter UTC Approval AS1025
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