The various fluid systems vehicles rely on, such as fuel systems, hydraulic systems, and liquid cooling systems, require specialized testing to ensure they perform as expected under real-world conditions.

Element’s cutting-edge laboratories simulate the internal and external stressors vehicle components may endure over their usable lifespans. As a leading testing partner to the automotive industry, Element’s experts provide specialized insight on the durability and performance of fluid systems as part of a component or system testing program. 

A comprehensive approach for automotive manufacturers

Element’s team has extensive experience testing fluid systems for internal combustion vehicles, electric vehicles, and hybrids. Our long history in the industry coupled with our focus on innovation allows us to test even the most cutting-edge systems with confidence.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped to simulate the extreme environmental stressors fluid system components encounter during real-world use. We can test systems using fluids under a wide range of pressures, temperatures, and flow rates. From subzero temperatures as low as -50°C to scorching heat up to +150°C, we ensure that your products can withstand both long-term wear and temporary extremes.

Fluid cooling systems testing: Optimizing efficiency and performance

Element provides comprehensive testing of fluid cooling systems, battery cooling systems (for internal combustion and EV/hybrid vehicles), air conditioning systems, and more. In the competitive automotive landscape, where improving fuel economy is paramount, our timely, accurate, and reliable analysis yields valuable data that allows you to optimize your systems, minimize energy consumption for better fuel economy, and improve your processes.

We test virtually any configuration, from simple O-rings and hoses to complete systems, across all vehicle classes, including passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, pick-up trucks, buses, motorcycles, military vehicles, and off-road vehicles.

Radiator aging testing: Ensuring long-term durability

Element's advanced labs allow us to perform intensive radiator aging tests per automotive test standards, followed by a battery of physical endurance tests. This approach provides valuable insights into the radiator's performance throughout its usable life.

Our technicians simulate the lifetime wear on a radiator by running high-temperature coolant through the system for extended periods, typically thousands of hours, then test the parts for leaks by submerging them in water tanks. Additionally, we conduct mechanical fatigue testing, where cyclic loads are applied to the radiator ports to test for fatigue strength, and pressure pulse testing, where cyclic pressure is applied to the radiators with a specific pressure profile at elevated temperatures.

These rigorous tests determine the long-term durability of radiator systems, providing manufacturers with critical insights that enable them to address potential issues proactively.

The Element advantage

Partnering with Element gives you access to our extensive laboratory infrastructure, including Class 1 Division 1 environmental chambers, and our broad expertise in materials and product qualification testing for the transportation sector. We serve as a single-source provider for all your testing needs, offering comprehensive fluids and fuel analysis to support your R&D projects and ensure compliance with regulatory specifications.

Our goal is to make certain that your products are durable and perform safely for their entire lifespan. To learn more about our complete fluids testing and analysis services or our many other vehicle systems testing capabilities, contact us today

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