Element’s Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST testing) services provide a more efficient alternative to the humidity testing most commonly used for testing semiconductors.

Highly Accelerated Stress Testing 

Highly accelerated stress testing is an important part of environmental simulation and testing. By elevating temperatures and increasing pressure, our HAST testing experts can simulate long-term humidity tests, while observing the same failure mechanisms in days instead of weeks. Our experts can help you design a test plan that meets your product’s unique needs, and reduces the time and cost associated with full-scale testing.

In addition to standard humidity testing requirements, HAST testing can also be used for packaging, transportation and shelf-life programs. Our labs help determine reliability of non-hermetic, packaged and solid-state devices in a variety of humid environments. Along with temperature and humidity conditions, a bias (DC voltage - continuous or cycled) can accelerate the penetration of moisture, providing results in less time.

Element Advantage in HAST testing

Element's HAST testing lab is A2LA accredited to perform highly accelerated stress testing to JESD22 Sec. A110-B, A102-B, A118. Our product testing and environmental simulation experts can help determine which tests may be appropriate for your products. Element’s HAST programs are designed to support all stages of a product’s development, from research and design validation to prototype evaluation and product qualification

As a global provider of testing and certification, we have the resources and the expertise to provide reliable, accredited results while reducing time to market. Our HAST testing services are designed to provide all the data required to ensure product safety, while helping you complete your project on time. 

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