Ensure batteries are safe, reliable, and fit for purpose with Element’s comprehensive EV battery testing. Comprehensive testing for EV batteries is more important than ever as manufacturers embrace alternative power sources.

Test even the most complex EV battery assemblies under conditions that accurately replicate real-world stressors at Element’s advanced battery testing labs. Our facility is equipped to handle nearly any type of battery test requirement, including custom test parameters, with the capacity to run multiple large and complex programs simultaneously.

Element’s accredited labs test to a wide range of standards, including ASTM, ISO, UN, and client specifications. For projects with additional requirements or custom setups, or for new technologies, our EV battery testing specialists can help you design and implement protocols that simulate both normal and extreme operating conditions. For a full scope of accredited services at each lab location, please contact us.

Battery Testing for Industrial & Agricultural Equipment

Get your battery-powered industrial or agricultural equipment to market faster with Element’s leading industry expertise and cutting-edge equipment, including over 3,000 cell and battery test channels and real-time data access. From the cell and component level all the way up to full assembly testing, Element’s purpose-built laboratories have large capacities and support multiple industry-standard formats, including large-capacity prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical.

Performance Testing for Vehicle Batteries

Set your product apart from the competition with Element’s comprehensive battery performance testing, comparison and benchmark testing, and verification of marketing claims.

Engineering, Cell Teardown & Failure Analysis

Work closely with our expert team throughout the engineering process on detailed cell failure analysis. We also provide cell radiographic imaging (2D x-ray; 3D CT scanning) and mechanical cell teardowns to identify failure mechanisms associated with the electrodes, active materials, and separator.

Hybrid Battery and EV Battery Test Conditions

Ensure the fitness and durability of vehicle batteries with Element’s industry-leading hybrid and EV battery testing lab, offering a comprehensive range of test methods.

Some of the conditions that we test include:

The Element Advantage 

With decades of industry-relevant battery test experience, our EV & grid-storage (ESS) cell testing labs are the premier battery life and performance testing facilities in the U.S. We test the entire range of lithium-ion cells for high-performance products.

For more information about out hybrid and EV battery testing, or to request a quote, contact us today.

Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAE J2288
  • SAE J2464
  • SAE J1798
  • UL 1642
  • UL 1973
  • UL 2054
  • UL2271
  • UL 2580
Various Government Specifications
  • UN TI-18

Beyond Battery Cycling: Recorded Webinar

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