Element’s comprehensive automotive weathering testing services help ensure that your products achieve ever longer lifetimes. We offer automotive weathering test methods to global automotive OEMs and top-tier suppliers to evaluate specific desired characteristics such as a change in color, loss of adhesion, or corrosion.

The automotive industry requires manufacturers to evaluate the effects of severe environmental conditions on the performance of materials and components because automotive parts and vehicles are susceptible to the damaging influences of daylight, heat, and moisture. Prolonged exposure to these elements may cause degradation of physical and optical properties of materials, leading to discoloration, surface cracking, and rust, which in turn may result in premature product failure.

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Element's Automotive Weathering Testing Capabilities

Our labs operate advanced accelerated weathering test facilities with customized cabinets available to simulate varying field service conditions. Element’s depth of knowledge and experience in automotive weathering testing allow us to offer sound accelerated weathering test programs that enable estimating the service life of your material, part or component and meet the highest regulatory requirements of the automotive industry.

With dedicated experts for testing paint and coatings, polymer-based and metallic materials, our capabilities allow us to be your single source provider for all of your accelerated weathering testing needs. We can also perform testing to generate failure modes, compare or rank materials, or meet a quality control requirement.

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Element’s materials specialists perform automotive weathering testing on a broad range of materials, from metals to non-metals, including:

  • plastics
  • paints
  • textile
  • rubbers
  • coatings
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • adhesives 

Element assists manufacturers and suppliers with unparalleled automotive weathering testing services against several national and international standards to meet the highest industry requirements. Our experts also test against many OEM testing specifications to fulfill their need for the highest quality components throughout the supply chain.  

American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM G155; ASTM G154; ASTM D4329; ASTM D4587; ASTM D2565; ASTM D7869

Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE J2412; SAE J1885; SAE J2527; SAE J1960; SAE J2020; SAE J1976

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 4892-2; ISO 4892-3; ISO 105-B06; ISO 16474-2 

British European Standards

BS EN 10402

Japanese Industrial Standards

JIS D 0205

OEM Specifications 

Ford FLTM BO 116-01; FLTM BO 101-01

Honda HES D6601

Peugeot/Renault PSA D47 1431

VW PV1303; PV3929; PV3930

Nissan NES M0135

GMW 3414 (Cycle A and B); GMW14162; GMW14650; GMW14170; GMW60292

MS-210-05; MS-300-31; VDA 75202; PF-11365; DBL 5555; DBL7399; DIN 75202; D27 1389; D27 1991/--D (2007); STD 423-0047; STD 1026, 82439; STD 1027, 359; STD 1027, 337; JASO M346; JASO M351

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