Element’s large multiaxial silent shaker can perform buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) testing with fast turnaround times on automotive components up to 700 lbs to help manufacturers create quieter products.


With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers will see an ever-increasing need to evaluate their components’ buzz, squeak, and rattle performance due to lack of engine noise. BSR testing allows manufacturers to modify their designs before the component becomes a problem for the consumer or a warranty issue for the manufacturer.



Multi-channel data collection Our Buzz, squeak, and rattle testing capabilities


Element Warren houses one of the largest silent shakers in the mid-west. The 6ft wide by 40in deep table can be used for the BSR testing of automotive components such as consoles, instrument panels, doors, full rows of seats, or quarter car bodies. The 700lb weight limit allows for the vibration of components that would typically be too large or heavy for a silent shaker system. 


Element’s shaker features multiaxis vertical pitch and roll testing as well as sequential 4-axis testing to mimic real-world road conditions. Configurations of smaller components can also be run simultaneously, significantly reducing turnaround time.


Element conducts BSR testing in a semi-anechoic chamber with an advanced twelve-channel sound collection system for acoustic data collection. With twelve ½ inch pre-polarized free-field microphones, the test set-up ensures maximum data capture so our experts can quickly localize the source or cause of an unwanted sound.


Our assembly consists of: 

  • 700lb silent shaker
  • 6ft x 40in table with various extensions and multi-axis vertical pitch and roll testing
  • Sequential 4-axis testing
  • Semi-anechoic chamber
  • Twelve 1/2 inch pre-polarized free-field microphones for acoustic data collection



Supportive Testing Methods with Element

With extensive expertise in the transportation industry, our experts offer additional Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) testing capabilities outside of BSR testing, including:

  • Sound power/intensity
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Pass by noise and sound quality
  • Additional single axis for buzz, squeak, and rattle analysis
  • Drive-in Hemi Anechoic chamber

“Element's engineers were very careful to obtain the proper means of performing the test to our standards.”

Ron Jackson

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

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  • CETP: 01.10-L-413

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