To be competitive as a chassis and suspension manufacturer, you must be at the forefront of the new demands and rapid advancements occurring in the transportation industry. You need a partner that can help you design a stronger and safer chassis, meeting your timetables with the element of certainty. Element’s chassis testing provides you with the technical insight you need to ensure your chassis gives strength and stability to the vehicle under different operating conditions, setting your products apart. 

The chassis is the most crucial structural element of a vehicle upon which all other systems and their components are mounted. It must be designed with a very high factor of safety and reliability so that it does not fail. 

As a leader in certification and testing for the automotive industry, Element offers unrivaled experience and expertise in testing chassis and chassis parts including suspension, steering and axles to ensure they are firm enough to bear shocks, twists, and vibrations, and have enough bending and torsional stiffness for better usage characteristics. We exist to make certain that your chassis can safely carry the load and stress of a vehicle throughout its lifetime.  

The Element Advantage

Our Engaged Experts can help you with your testing needs by creating customized testing solutions with specialized fixtures and custom-built set-ups. The results you gain from chassis and suspension testing provide you with accurate performance information so you can confirm your designs, make necessary modifications, or improve your processes.


For more information about how we perform chassis testing, or to request a quote, contact us today. 

Our Services

Find out more about the services we provide to the transportation industry.

Automotive Weathering

Automotive Weathering Testing 

Element provides automotive weathering testing services on materials and components through a plethora of different tests, including UV light and xenon arc.

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ASTM A262 Intergranular Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Testing

Find out about Element’s corrosion testing services, from salt spray to cyclic corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion testing.

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Durability Testing of Trailer Hitches 640 x 480

Durability Testing of Trailer Hitches

Element provides durability testing methods for a variety of towing equipment and trailer hitches, including load testing, vibration testing, environmental simulation and mechanical strength.

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Bending Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Find out how Element's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products.

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Mechanical Testing 640 x 480

Mechanical & Destructive Testing

Element's mechanical tests are part of our destructive testing services, they show whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications.

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Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Find out about Element's range of metallurgical testing services, including microscopy, corrosion evaluation, hardness and on-site services.

real-time simulation testing

Real-Time Simulation Testing

Element’s extensive real-time simulation testing capabilities cover many sectors in the transportation industry, from cars to light and heavy trucks, and off-highway equipment.

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servo-hydraulic testing

Servo-Hydraulic Testing

With complex servo-hydraulic systems and custom-built bed plates, we provide servo-hydraulic testing services for application in automotive, military, commercial, and more.

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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Element is at the forefront of vehicle dynamics testing, providing critical testing services to clients across a wide range of global sectors.

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