Element is a leading provider of specialized vehicle dynamics testing services to the global automotive, defense, rail, aerospace, and transportation sectors. We provide our customers with a wide range of engineering and testing services covering everything from subsystem and component testing to full vehicle durability testing, road load data acquisition and data analysis related testing services.

Dynamics testing is a vital part of the vehicle development process, allowing the enhancement of vehicle performance, durability and reliability. 

From studying the responses of a vehicle in various dynamic situations to assessing how a component or subsystem influences the overall vehicle ride, handling, and performance, our Engaged Experts implement dynamics testing programs specifically designed for your products.


Element’s vehicle dynamics testing capabilities

Element has extensive vehicle dynamics testing capabilities that cover all of the sectors in the transportation industry, including passenger cars and trucks, medium and heavy trucks, transport trailers, off-highway equipment (agricultural and construction), military vehicles, school buses, commuter coaches, transit buses, rail, and more.  

Our team of dynamics experts can develop comprehensive test plans tailored to fit your specific needs, from specialized engineering services to Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) and Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) testing to identify noise sources, minimize noise and vibration as well as squeak and rattle. 

Our engineering services include duty cycle development, proving ground and customer in-service life correlation, road load data acquisition (RLDA) and instrumentation, computational data analysis, computer model validation, test plan and procedure development, custom transducer design, build and calibration.  


The Element advantage

All of our vehicle dynamics testing services are performed in highly secure environments to ensure customer confidentiality at all times. 

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Element’s laboratories are outfitted with cutting-edge testing equipment and instrumentation including: 

  • Drive-in semi-anechoic chambers
  • Quiet rooms
  • Head acoustics binaural head and analysis (Artemis)
  • MB black single and 3-axis ED shakers
  • LMS software and mobile SCADAS systems
  • PROSIG data acquisition and analysis systems
  • Environmental 4-post simulators with sound treatment for BSR evaluations
  • Anechoic/quiet MAST systems
  • Six (6) Data Acquisition Systems (300+ channel capability)
  • Custom transducer calibration bench
  • Modal analysis facilities
  • Static bending and torsional measurement facilities
  • Extensive instrumentation inventory (displacement, acceleration, pressure, strain gauges, temperature, force -single axis-tri-axis-, and more) 

Vehicle dynamics testing is particularly helpful to OEMs and Tier one suppliers to ensure that their products are robust and perform safely in the field.

Typical test applications are:

  • NVH benchmarking
  • Problem-solving
  • Target setting
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Proving ground and customer site measurements and correlation
  • Durability testing (frames, engine mounts, chassis and suspension components)
Vibration Testing New 640 x 480
vehicle dynamics testing

Vibration Testing & Analysis Services

A critical part of vehicle development, vibration testing and analysis help validate your design to see if it will withstand its intended environment. 

Vibration testing simulates a variety of transportation scenarios, operating environments, and the effect of external vibration within a test environment. Element’s vibration testing facilities are comprised of electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic systems that can replicate low and high-frequency conditions, offering state-of-the-art solutions to your most challenging requirements. 

The vibration testing methods we perform include:

Sinusoidal Vibration Testing

  • Sine on Sine
  • Sine on Random
  • Resonance Search and Dwell Testing
  • Phase Track and Dwell
  • Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement Control

Random Vibration Testing

  • Narrow Band Random on Random
  • Sine on Random
  • Fatigue Damage Spectrum
  • Random Import

Transient Capture

Field Data Replication

Helicopter Rotor Frequency Simulation

Gunfire Simulation

Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

Windmill Vibration

6 Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) – Multi-Axis Simulation (MAST) 

4 & 6 Post Road Simulation  

Combined Vibration Testing with Environmental Conditions

Shock testing 640 x 480

Drop & Shock Testing

Used to measure the impact of sudden acceleration caused by explosion, drop, or collision, shock testing is a valuable tool to prepare products for harsh industrial, transportation, and military environments.

Drop and shock testing involves subjecting components to acceleration up to 50,000 g at target time durations allowing further analytical analysis. We then evaluate the product for damage and stress, and ensure that it can meet the demands of its work environment. 

Our drop and shock testing capabilities include:

  • Operational shock and crash safety
  • Gunfire simulation
  • Classical shock
  • Decaying sine wave testing
  • Bump testing
  • Impulse testing
  • Drop testing
  • Impact testing
  • Pendulum Impact
  • Transportation Shock and Vibration
vehicle dynamics testing

Noise Testing

Noise testing allows determining fit and wear of vehicle components as they are perceived acoustically. 

Element combines years of noise testing experience with state-of-the-art laboratory testing and simulation facilities to study the noise characteristics of vehicles and vehicle components, and to give you results closer to the real vehicle behavior in its application. 

The vibration testing methods we perform include:

  • NVH/Squeak and rattle problem solving
  • Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) specification testing
  • Experimental modal analysis, point mobility, acoustic sensitivity
  • Static bending and torsion
  • Sound quality/intensity analysis
  • Drive by noise evaluation
  • Transfer path analysis
  • Signature analysis / acoustic sensitivity

Our team of over 9,000 Engaged Experts in North America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.