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Element Warren specializes in anticipating and accommodating new tests as they develop. Element is your partner in multi-axial simulation testing. Our Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) is able to perform six degrees of freedom real time simulation in order to ensure your products are able to handle their end-use environments.

Multi Axial Simulation Table Testing

MAST testing subjects your products or components to a real-time lab controlled test that is developed based on proving ground methods. The data we receive from the proving ground is reduced to remove all the non-damaging content. The MAST test is then developed with this data, allowing you to correlate simulated part-life to proving ground part-life. Using this method produces a high-certainty and repeatable test and allows you to greatly reduce the time necessary to subject your parts to a full lifespan, saving you valuable time and money.

In addition, our system has the unique capability of safely providing real-time load cycling of batteries in a self-contained room with fire suppression technology. 

Safety Is Our Priority

At Element, safety is our priority. We have made investments in our MAST technology to ensure your products safety in case of emergency. For this type of testing, there is strict protocol to ensure safety for the test engineers, the test specimen, and the rest of the lab.

MAST Quick Facts

Size of the table: 5’ x 7’

Frequency range: 1-50Hz

Payload: 1100 lbs. centered on table

Control or acquisition to channels available: 14 control or acquisition

Digital inputs/outputs: 14 available


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