Element has a comprehensive range of testing services for powertrain systems within passenger cars and commercial trucks designed to help you to develop better products, get to market on time, meet all relevant local and international regulatory requirements.

These services include:


Metallurgical Testing

Element's engineers and technicians combine their chemical analysis and metallurgic expertise with broad industrial knowledge to deliver rapid, accurate analyses, reports and solutions to clients from every kind of industry and agency.


Mechanical Testing

Element provides mechanical tests that show whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications by measuring elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness, fracture toughness, impact resistance, stress rupture, and fatigue limit.

Fatigue testing lab

Fatigue Testing

Element's fatigue testing services help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products. 

Dynamics Testing

Dynamics Testing

Element operates dynamics testing facilities to measure and evaluate the responses of parts or systems to the dynamic forces they encounter.  Our experienced engineers are here to help you meet the requirements you need for your specifications or validation requirements.

Hydraulic Testing

Hydraulics Testing

Element's experienced engineering staff creates customized solutions for your hydraulic and pneumatic applications, making use of our wide range of facilities and services. We have the expertise you require to solve your hydraulic test requirements quickly and cost-efficiently. Our experience is unique and qualifies us like few others in the industry.

Salt Fog Testing

Corrosion Testing

Element's laboratories are staffed by professional failure analysts, chemists, and engineers trained in corrosion testing to help you make good decisions about materials selection, treatment, and processes for virtually all industrial situations.


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