HALT / HASS stands for Highly Accelerated Life Testing / Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. These blue steel chambers provide critical data about your product’s reliability and maturity.

Element engineers and scientists have substantially reduced the research and development costs in time and labor for countless clients with HALT/HASS services. It is a proven method of shortening the time-to-market period. Our experienced staff has the training and expertise to apply the many benefits of HALT/HASS testing—as well as those of all our specialized instrumentation and equipment—to your specific product or process.


HALT/HASS System Performance

The HALT/HASS testing chamber is capable of combining high rate thermal cycling with triaxial random vibration at six degrees of freedom (6 DoF).

System Performance 
  • HALT/HASS Temperature Range: -100° to 200° C 
  • HALT/HASS Temperature Change Rate: 60° per minute 
  • HALT/HASS Temperature Stability: ±1° C after stabilization 
  • HALT/HASS Vibration Type: Repetitive shock, tri-axial noncoherent. Product experiences 6 degrees of freedom broadband random vibration. 
  • HALT/HASS Working Area Ranges: 30-48” x 40-48” x 36-48” high 
  • HALT/HASS Maximum Vibration Power: 60 grms 
  • HALT/HASS Frequency Ranges: 5 to 5,000 Hz and 5 to 20,000 Hz

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