Reaction to fire testing looks at limiting the combustion potential of a material to enhance public safety, aid in firefighting, and protect property. Element's full range of reaction to fire testing services helps assess your material's contribution to fire, enabling you to design and build better and safer products.

The behavior of burning material in a developing fire will impact how easy it is for people to escape from the scene. Even when a reaction to fire testing is not required under regulations, a relevant insurer or authority may request improvements to fire performance, for which testing is required.

Element's fire testing experts offer a wide variety of reaction to fire tests, including the Steiner Tunnel, the Flooring Radiant Panel, or the Cone Calorimeter test, serving customers in many industries, from building products to furniture, transportation, plastics, textiles, and more. 

Operating in some of the world's most extensive laboratories across Canada and the US, we carry out testing on specific components or materials representative of the end-use application. We evaluate the ignition, flame spread, heat release, smoke generation, and toxicity properties of your material, ensuring that you are compliant with the relevant regulations and fire codes.  

Benefits of reaction to fire testing

Testing for the reaction to fire properties of a material is instrumental to understand it's reaction at a fire's early stages. At this stage the burning material will heavily influence the fire's growth. Knowledge of the reaction to fire properties of a material is therefore critical to understand how it will contribute to the fire's spread, helping manufacturers create products that take the longest amount of time possible to ignite to allow safe evacuation before the fire becomes life threatening. 

The Element advantage 

Fire testing is an essential aspect of creating safe products for the consumer. Our capabilities allow us to be your single-source provider for all of your testing needs with dedicated fire experts for reaction to fire testing, flammability, and fire resistance, our capabilities allow us to be your single-source provider for all of your testing needs. Our laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 standards to ensure that our customers have full confidence in accurate and reliable test results. 

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