Assessing a product’s reaction to fire performance is not always straightforward. To obtain data which is useful in considering the fire hazard of a product in a real life scenario requires careful consideration. Some products and applications require specialist tests to be conducted to assess a specific parameter of interest.

Warringtonfire provides bespoke fire testing services to cover your specific requirements and meet your specified needs.Our dedicated team of expert engineers and scientists have an in-depth knowledge of many different reaction to fire testing standards. The team are regularly able to confirm which standard is most applicable for what may initially appear to be an unusual situation.

Many of our staff are recognized as international experts within their field and are actively involved in the development of new test procedures. The teams’ experience, coupled with the strength of the Warringtonfire brand, means that in cases where no standard test method currently exists, we are more than capable of working with a client to develop an appropriate bespoke fire testing method to provide the information that is sought after, reported under a name that people trust.

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