Fire test methods are an important part of qualifying critical aircraft equipment and components mounted in engine compartments that may be exposed to fire during its operation. Our experts work diligently to ensure your product will react properly and safely while in the presence of flames.

Element offers fire test methods, including fire resistance and fireproof ratings. These tests are used to evaluate how equipment installed within a fire zone is affected by exposure to a flame.  Each fire test method has requirements for the minimum level of resistance to fire, but they all require that the aircraft component must not cause further hazardous conditions.


Fireproof test method

A fireproof test requires equipment to maintain its normal function for approximately five minutes and essential safety functions for at least fifteen minutes. Fireproof components containing fluid or air must be examined for any leakage as this could propagate the flame and possibly cause combustion. Once the fireproof test is complete and no leakage occurs, any remaining flame shall be self-extinguishing.


Fire resistance test method

During the five-minute fire resistance test, a component must not present hazardous conditions or show any structural degradation. The absence of leakage in parts containing fluid or air is equally important in this fire test as combustion is possible when certain fluids are exposed to a flame. If a flame is still present at the end of the test, it should present no further hazards and extinguish easily.

Fire testing a component that could be exposed to flame during operation is vital to understanding its performance, and putting your product into the hands of our globally trusted experts will help ensure your success in bringing a safe product to market. Element conducts fireproof and fire resistance test methods to various industry standards and customized specifications.

For more information about our fireproof test and fire resistance test methods or to request a quote, contact us today. 

Department of Transportation/ Federal Aviation Administration 

AC 20-135

International Organization for Standardization 

ISO 2685

Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics


SAE International Standards 

AIR 1377A

AS 1055; AS 4273

Rolls-Royce Engineering Specifications 

JES 314-1


Fire Testing of Aero Engine Components with Tom Fox from Rolls-Royce

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