Warringtonfire’s fire resistance services consist of four ISO 17025 accredited fire resistance testing facilities across the world, offering independent testing services for passive fire protection products, as required by British, European and International standards in support of CE Marking and third party certification.

Comprehensive and in-depth, our services across all fire resistance sites cover a wide range of standards including BS, EN, IMO, ISO, ASTM, DIN, NF, NES, UIC, UL, ABD, CFR (FAR/JAR/CS), FMVSS, and CMVSS.

A team of experienced technical consultants work in conjunction with our fire resistance testing laboratories to provide clients with support and advice through the fire testing process to maximize the scope of coverage generated by the test program. Many of our staff are recognized as international experts within their field and are actively involved in the development of new fire resistance test procedures.

Although clients often come to us with a basic requirement for a test to be carried out to BS 476: Part 20 or BS EN 1363-1 we can offer advice and consultation services to identify the correct fire resistance test procedure needed.

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