Water mist systems have been available in the marketplace for some time now for special applications (where usage of traditional sprinkler systems would be disadvantageous) and have a proven history of success. The innovative ways that water mist systems can be fitted has resulted in an increase of popularity within certain markets. With eco-friendly inventions and ideas becoming ever more popular with today’s environmentally conscious marketplace, water mist systems are fast becoming a viable alternative to the sprinkler systems that preceded them.

Warringtonfire has recently expanded its fire testing capabilities through the supply of an on-site facility to conduct water mist systems testing. We realize the potential benefits of the usage of water mist systems in the industry and are proud to be part of a growing sector of fire safety.

Water mist systems testing

Warringtonfire understands that the marketplace and need for testing and certification controls are changing in the developing area of water mist systems.

In the UK and Europe, the development of appropriate system specific standards is underway, with a number of draft DD and CEN standards already in place, and is under review for water mist systems and can currently deliver testing solutions in accordance with the BS 8458: 2015.

We also provide facilities in which flexibility can be applied and a set of bespoke systems tests that potentially serve a client’s needs in a more appropriate manner than the draft standards. With standards under development, we realize that different companies have different ideas about how specific situations should be approached. It is our aim to work with our clients to encourage innovation and development within this exciting sector.

Installer certification

For over 25 years Warringtonfire has been focused on improving life safety and security, through offering a wide range of certification, including CE marking, Wheelmarking and CERTIFIRE and FIRAS schemes to certify both products and installers.

In support of active testing, the intention is to create an EWCL5 product certification scheme to assure the quality of systems brought onto the marketplace, and to add to the existing FIRAS scheme for the certification of sprinkler system installers, as well as to certificate the competence of installation companies where water mist systems are concerned.

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