Warringtonfire is a globally-respected provider of both mandatory and voluntary fire certification schemes. Certification is a comprehensive process that allows us to ensure that a product manufactured and tested today will remain the same and have the same fire performance throughout the period it is manufactured, ensuring confidence in its use in constructions. This requires annual audits of the manufacturing process and annual checks on its fire performance.

In addition to a comprehensive service in mandatory fire certification, it provides a programme of voluntary third-party certification schemes beginning with CERTIFIRE. As the provider of truly international independent fire certification schemes, we can give you assurances on the reliability of the fire performance of your products.


Closely related is CERTISECURE, which supports the police sponsored “Secured by Design” initiative applying to manufacturers and suppliers. Certification confirms the performance of hardware items such as locks, cylinders, and handles under attack during burglary, and achieving CERTISECURE status provides the necessary confidence in a product's ability to deliver.


The FIRAS scheme has been instrumental in improving the installation standards of passive and active fire protection products. The revised EN 13381 is a key European and British standard and Warringtonfire offers tests and assessments at our dedicated testing and technical facilities in Warrington, UK.


FRACS is a quality assurance scheme aimed at companies offering fire risk assessment services and who wish to differentiate their business from competitors through independent certification. It not only examines the competence of personnel but also assesses the quality management systems and procedures operated within your company. Once certified, you are recognized for assuring high standards of service and competence to your clients. We support your ambitions by offering the only UKAS accredited schemes in the UK.

Our independent fire inspection service provides confidence to regulators and enforcement authorities alike. ISO 9001 is offered exclusively to those companies who hold product or installer certification with us.

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