A powerful tool for finding and eliminating latent defects, an ESS test (Environmental Stress Screening) can reduce the number and severity of defects across a product’s lifespan.

What is an Environmental Stress Screen ESS test? 

ESS tests are widely used in both military and civilian programs as efficient and effective ways to ensure the safety and performance of finished electronic products. 


What is the difference between HASS and ESS? 

While our ESS test services focus on testing electrical equipment under normal conditions, HALT & HASS testing expose products to extreme temperature conditions, ensuring that they perform above and beyond their rated limits. 


ESS test procedure at Element  

Our experts will work with you to design an ESS test that accurately simulates the working conditions of your product. By combining multiple environmental factors into a single test, we can help you meet your project requirements by saving you time, money and potential product failures.


ESS test services 

At Element, some of the conditions we test include:


Our HALT/HASS testing capabilities 

Using extreme environmental simulation, our HALT and HASS testing programs push components to the limit to ensure product quality and reliability.

Our HALT/HASS testing capabilities include:

  • Vibration from 5 – 5,000 Hz
  • Up to 50 g shock with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Temperature range of -100 – 200 C
  • Up to 98% RH

The Element advantage 

Combining a variety of environmental methods into a single program, our experts can design an ESS test that simulates the working conditions of your equipment.

For more information about out ESS test capabilities, or to speak with an expert, contact us today.


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