In an industry characterized by extreme competition, with stringent quality and safety requirements, manufacturers must be confident in the reliability and durability of their fuel system components to stay competitive. Certainty can only be achieved by completing comprehensive fuel components testing programs designed to meet your specific requirements throughout the entire product lifecycle, from development to validation.  

Element is a world-class provider of fuel components testing services to the transportation industry for a wide range of automotive and military applications. Components we test include hoses and connectors, pumps, filters, filler caps, injectors, and tanks.   

We work with many automotive Tier 1 customers to provide robust and efficient fuel components testing that help them meet their requirements and the test specifications that are set within relevant standards. 

Fuel system components that fail to meet industry standards and requirements can result in costly product recalls. Element’s fuel components testing gives you the certainty that the components you are integrating into your vehicles are safe, fit for purpose, and compliant.

The Element advantage

Element’s fuel components laboratory is one of the largest independent third party testing facility within North America. Our laboratory encompasses four isolated Class 1 Division 1 explosion-proof test cells that range in size from 400 sq. Ft. to 1000 sq. Ft. to accommodate the specific test set-ups and samples that are required in the automotive industry. 


For more information about our fuel components testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today. 

Our Services

Find out more about the services we provide to the transportation industry.

Automotive Hose Testing

Automotive Hose Testing

Accurate and reliable automotive hose testing programs from Element help ensure that your critical hoses, lines, and flow systems will work under the most stringent standards.

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Automotive Weathering

Automotive Weathering Testing 

Element provides automotive weathering testing services on materials and components through a plethora of different tests, including UV light and xenon arc.

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Climatics and Environmental Testing

Climatics and Environmental Simulation

Element can provide you with critically important data on your product or part's performance in response to typical or extreme environmental conditions.

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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a critical aspect of product development and system improvement which not only helps us learn from the past, but helps prevent future failures.

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Fluids and Fuel Testing

Fluids and Fuel Testing

Element performs fluids and fuel testing across a large spectrum of pressure, temperature, and flow to give you results closer to the real material behavior in the application.

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Tensile Testing

Material Properties Testing

Element can assist you in evaluating and understanding how your materials will perform or react under a wide variety of stresses.

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Mechanical Testing Services 640 x 480

Mechanical Testing

Element's mechanical tests show whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications.

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Corrosion Testing Lab

Salt Spray, Salt Fog, and Corrosion Testing

Element's corrosion testing helps you make good decisions about materials selection, treatment, and processes for virtually all industrial situations.

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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Element is at the forefront of vehicle dynamics testing, providing critical testing services to clients across a wide range of global sectors.

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