Element’s expertise in automotive and transportation testing, combined with our advanced laboratory equipment, makes us a leader in providing vehicle durability testing that helps you attain the reliability and sturdiness of your product. 

Our experts perform durability testing on partial or full vehicle systems by utilizing real-time multi-axial or tire coupled 4 & 6-post road technologies that replicate in-service forces and motions.

During testing, we subject the vehicle to stress-inducing inputs (variations in loads, road characteristics and environmental conditions), then study the response of the vehicle to assess how such inputs affect the vehicle life. The data collected is critical to the design validation phase of the vehicle development process, and help in manufacturing to ensure the integrity of the vehicle and project its minimum expected service life.  

Some of the durability testing methods we perform on full vehicles include road load data measurements and analysis, thermal shock, accelerated weathering, vibration testing, and Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) evaluations of entire vehicles under environmental conditions. 

Our goal is to give you the certainty that your vehicle withstands the load conditions and environmental stresses expected during the course of its service life. 

The Element advantage

As your trusted materials and product qualification testing partner, we provide a full complement of automotive test solutions designed to ensure you develop safe and reliable products that are durable and fit for use. 

Our extensive capabilities cover all vehicle classes, from passenger cars to light, medium and heavy trucks, transport trailers, off-highway equipment (agricultural and construction), military vehicles, school and transit buses, commuter coaches, and more.   

For more information about how we perform durability testing of vehicles, our test equipment, or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today. 

Our Services

Find out more about the services we provide to the transportation industry.

Automotive Weathering

Automotive Weathering Testing 

Element provides automotive weathering testing services on materials and components through a plethora of different tests, including UV light and xenon arc.

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Bending Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Testing

Find out how Element's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements and create safer, stronger, more successful parts and products.

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Multi-Axial Simulation Testing (MAST) Table

Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) Testing

Element provides multi-axial simulation table (MAST) testing for squeak and rattle, vibration, performance and durability testing of a broad range of vehicle components and assemblies.

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real-time simulation testing

Real-Time Simulation Testing

Element’s extensive real-time simulation testing capabilities cover many sectors in the transportation industry, from cars to light and heavy trucks, and off-highway equipment.

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road load data and analysis

Road Load Data and Analysis

Find out how Element's road load data measurement, recording, and analysis programs help you to gain a precise understanding of the overall performance and durability of your product.

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servo-hydraulic testing

Servo-Hydraulic Testing

With complex servo-hydraulic systems and custom-built bed plates, we provide servo-hydraulic testing services for application in automotive, military, commercial, and more.

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Vehicle Durability Testing

Learn about Element’s durability testing methods for vehicles including vibration testing, environmental simulation, weathering, and dynamics testing.

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Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics Testing

Element is at the forefront of vehicle dynamics testing, providing critical testing services to clients in the global automotive, defense, rail, aerospace, and transportation sectors.

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Vibration Testing Feature 640 x 480

Vibration Testing

Find out how Element's vibration testing services help to make certain that the products we test for our customers will perform safely and as expected when in the field.

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