Element has a comprehensive range of testing services for engine and powertrain systems within passenger cars and other vehicles, designed to help you develop better products, get to market on time, and meet all relevant local and international regulatory requirements. 

As a recognized leader in materials and product qualification testing for the global transportation industry, we offer automotive engine and powertrain testing to help ensure that these critical power-producing parts of the vehicle meet their design expectations and will survive the service conditions. 

We understand the engineering and design challenges that face the automotive industry when it comes to developing more fuel-efficient vehicles and provide testing to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for light-duty vehicles to ensure that their engine and powertrain systems contribute to fuel efficiency. 

Powertrain system durability testing

Element’s laboratories feature advanced multi-axial simulation tables (MAST), spindle-coupled and tire-coupled road simulators that allow us to perform durability testing on powertrain systems with the highest laboratory simulation accuracy. We develop customized solutions by reproducing various proving ground road surfaces and events to meet your most demanding road simulation challenges. 

Powertrain system materials testing

Our powertrain testing programs comprise chemical analysis, microstructural examination, and mechanical testing of component materials to ensure that they have the specified composition, microstructure, and mechanical properties. 

With dedicated experts for failure analysis of both metals and non-metallic materials, our capabilities allow us to perform comprehensive failure analysis investigations should a powertrain component break prematurely in component tests or service. Results are reported rapidly and accurately to keep you informed on how to achieve your product’s long service life.

The combination of our extensive experience and specialized equipment allow us to test just about any vehicle, from passenger cars to commercial trucks, school and transit buses, commuter coaches, and military vehicles. 

Engine audit hot testing

Element offers production audit hot testing for internal combustion engines, delivering valuable insight for the optimal performance of your car engine. 

Our experts work on short and long-term projects, providing cost-effective and highly-flexible testing solutions that play a critical role in quality verification programs. We have custom-designed equipment that can be deployed near an OEM manufacturing facility, enabling us to examine failed engines and remedy the problem rapidly.   

All our automotive engine test facilities utilize state-of-the-art proprietary equipment and a unique, electronic system that controls the entire facility operation. This provides robust process control, automatic pass/fail status based on established limits, instant data retrieval, engine inventory information and full engine history at our facility.  

Element’s expertise and production audit test services are industry leading, providing automotive engine tests that ensure your engine systems are durable and dependable.  

The Element advantage

We are committed to helping you gain the competitive edge you need to succeed in the market by ensuring your products are safe, quality, and compliant. As the number one testing partner in the automotive sector in the United States, we provide single-source and fully accredited services for automotive interiors and exteriors, safety and hydraulic systems.

For more information about how we perform automotive engine and powertrain testing, or to request a quote, contact us today. 

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