New materials and technological advancements continue to move the transportation industry forward to increase the safety of passengers. Element provides thorough testing of active and passive safety systems to help you design and develop safer vehicles, while keeping you ahead of your competitors.  

Our experts possess specialist knowledge to provide complete testing programs of your vehicle safety systems to meet the highest safety standards (FMVSS and CMVSS). We have full capabilities to test passenger cars, large trucks, and busses for:

  • latches, hinges
  • seat belts
  • bearings
  • wheels
  • suspension components
  • other active and passive safety systems 

Our capabilities also include high impact speed evaluations of plastic and metal components to assess their effects on bumper systems and air bag sensors. All of our services are designed to make certain that our customers provide a safe environment for passengers in vehicles.   

The Element advantage

With our extensive technical experience and our A2LA accredited laboratories outfitted with a full suite of impact, fatigue, environmental and safety test fixtures, we prove time and again why we are a trusted testing partner in the transportation sector. 

With dedicated experts for flammability testing of interior components and exterior trims, data acquisition and analysis, electronics, weathering, and materials testing, our capabilities allow us to be your single source provider for all of your testing needs.


For more information about how we perform testing of active and passive safety systems, or to request a quote, contact us today. 

Our services

Find out more about the services we provide to the transportation industry. 

Automotive Electronics Testing

Automotive Electronics Testing

Element provides a complete suite of automotive electronics testing to the most stringent testing standards ensuring the safety and reliability of many electronic components.

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Automotive Glass Testing

Automotive Glass Testing

Element provides automotive glass testing services that ensure the robustness of your glazing materials for acceptance under ANSI Z26.1, FMVSS 205 and ECE R43.

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Automotive Weathering

Automotive Weathering Testing 

Element provides automotive weathering testing services on materials and components through a plethora of different tests, including UV light and xenon arc.

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BAIID testing

Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) Testing

Element's BAIID testing is critical to ensuring the proper function of a device, meeting state or federal regulations and keeping drivers safe.

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Hail Impact Testing

Hail Impact Testing

Element's hail impact testing programs are a critical part of your product plan to help you protect your automobiles and other vehicles from impact and.  

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Fire Testing

Fire and Flammability

Find out how Element conducts a range of flammability, fire testing and fire-resistance testing to ISO, NEBS, SAE, FAA and Roll-Royce standards.

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Material Properties Testing

Element can assist you in evaluating and understanding how your materials will perform or react under a wide variety of stresses.

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Element Sled Test

Sled Testing

Element’s unique electromagnetic sled has the highest level of accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency when compared to any other sled system currently available on the market.

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