Meet the highest safety standards by testing your vehicle safety systems with Element, the industry leader in advanced vehicle testing.

Element provides thorough testing of active and passive safety systems to help you develop safer vehicles and stay ahead of your competitors. Our experts provide complete testing programs that help you to meet the highest safety standards (FMVSS and CMVSS). We have full capabilities to test passenger cars, large trucks, and buses for:

  • latches, hinges
  • seat belts
  • bearings
  • wheels
  • suspension components
  • other active and passive safety systems

By partnering with Element you can be certain that you are providing your customers with the best and safest vehicles on the market.

Occupant detection systems (ODS) testing

As vehicles become increasingly automated, “smart” safety systems like occupancy detection are steadily becoming ubiquitous. As an industry-leading partner, Element has the equipment and expertise to test the functionality and effectiveness of vehicle ODSs at the component and full system levels. We apply various testing methods and protocols, utilizing anthropomorphic test dummies, live occupant testing, child restraint systems, and other laboratory techniques to meet your requirements.

The Element advantage 

With our extensive technical experience and our full suite of impactfatigueenvironmental and safety test capabilities, we prove time and again why we are a trusted testing partner in the transportation sector.  

We provide you with access to experts in various specialized testing areas, including flammability testing, data acquisition and analysis, electronics, weathering, and materials testing. Our capabilities allow us to be your single-source testing services provider.

For more information about our vehicle safety systems testing, or any of our other vehicle testing capabilities, contact us today.

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