Ensure the automated driver assistance systems in your vehicles are safe and reliable with ADAS testing from Element.

Drivers have come to trust and rely on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to make “smart” driving, braking, and parking decisions for them, but ADAS vehicle systems are complex, and comprehensive testing is essential to ensure their safety and reliability.

Element’s testing experts understand the importance of comprehensive component and systems testing, especially when it comes to ADAS and active safety controls. Element has extensive capabilities covering this specialized area of testing and validation, offering both in-lab and field testing to cover all aspects of ADAS functionality, allowing you to explore the limits of innovation while delivering a superior product to market.

ADAS laboratory testing

Element has a long history of working with OEMs and tier suppliers to develop and implement specific testing protocols for various ADAS vehicle components and controls. Static in-lab testing is the starting point for validating the durability and operational effectiveness of ADAS components and systems, providing a controlled environment to test EMC/EMI, electrical systems, sensors, and more.

ADAS field testing

Our ADAS vehicle field testing uses an exhaustive array of road and weather conditions to test the effectiveness and reliability of all ADAS systems with realistic obstacles and under real-world conditions. Our experts evaluate the data generated during field testing to give you clear, accurate information about how your system performs.

The Element advantage

Element’s technical expertise combined with our customer-focused program management allows us to provide validation testing on the most advanced vehicle systems and controls. Our multiple world-class dynamic, environmental and EMC testing facilities provide consistent and reliable analysis for a wide array of ADAS and active safety parts and components.

Our experienced team is ready to provide you with the most reliable testing services available. Get in touch today to speak directly to our testing experts. 

With our laboratory and field testing, Element can test dozens of different capabilities and systems, including:

  • Rear and side detection systems

  • Intelligent forward-view cameras

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Integrated camera and radar systems

  • Smart parking guidance systems

  • Lane-keeping systems

  • High beam assist

  • Blind spot information systems

  • Forward collision warning

  • Low speed collision mitigation

  • Cross-traffic alert

  • Dynamic brake support

  • Autonomous emergency braking

  • Enhanced target selection

  • Real world user profile

  • Human machine interface

  • Rear virtual bumper

  • Driver alert systems

  • PODS testing capabilities

  • Anthropomorphic test dummy (ATD) availability

  • Child restraint systems – NHTSA, due care, European safety seats

  • Temperature/humidity compensation testing

  • Live occupant testing

  • EMC, EMI, ESD and electrical

  • Thermal shock

  • Combined temperature and vibration

  • Combined temperature, humidity and vibration

  • Mechanical shock, ambient temperature

  • Mechanical shock at temperature and humidity

  • Controller hardware and operating systems

  • Application software

  • Sensor hardware and physics

  • Sensor data processing

  • Sensor fusion

  • Mechanical actuator function

  • By-wire controls

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