Modern motor vehicles are going through a significant transformation, with many leading platforms now featuring high levels of autonomous functionality, including self-parking, lane assisted driving, and in some cases complete driverless tasks. With the introduction of this advanced functionality, great care now has to be taken during the testing and certification process to ensure that the wired, wireless technologies and other smart technologies that underpin this, do not conflict with one another, to make certain that passenger safety is assured at all times.
Elements vast experience in both automotive testing, together with our extensive wired and wireless technologies knowledge, make us the ideal partner to support all Automotive OEM’s as they continue to enhance their existing platforms with ever-increasing levels of functionality, and also to help them to successfully bring their next generation of autonomous, self-drive vehicles to market.

Element’s Automotive EMC testing and certification services ensure your automotive electrical components, systems and sub-assemblies meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for E-Mark certification and access global markets quickly, safely and confidently. 

As a Technical Service with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), Element can conduct Automotive EMC testing and validation of both whole vehicles and their sub-assemblies for commercial, civilian, industrial and military vehicles to support E- Mark certification including UNECE R10, CISPR 12/25, ISO 11452, ISO 11451 and other specific and military standards.


Our Automotive EMC services

  • Whole vehicle EMC testing
  • Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESAs) testing
  • BCI (Bulk Current Injection) Immunity
  • Conducted Emissions (CE) and Radiated Emissions (RE)
  • RF Radiated Immunity
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Vehicular Transient Testing
  • Testing in ALSE (Absorber Lined Shielded Enclosure) environment
  • SAE J1113 Series testing
  • E-Mark testing
  • Specialized vehicle equipment testing including agricultural vehicles

Element’s Automotive EMC testing simulates the real world scenarios in which your products operate.  Our team of experts performs a worst-case assessment of equipment, vehicles and ESAs to ensure that it is being tested thoroughly to the highest standards required by the regulatory authorities and vehicle OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).   


Our Automotive EMC testing methods

  • Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
  • BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles)
  • RES (rechargeable electronic systems)
  • Wireless power transfer (WPT)
  • Whole vehicles and components and sub-assemblies to support any of the above

Our testing equipment includes large vehicle chambers and rolling roads with forced air cooling and exhaust extraction, and we provide monitoring of statutory vehicle data. 


Whole vehicle EMC testing capabilities 

With over 30 years’ experience of testing vehicles and large systems, we can interrogate your vehicle to ensure functionality, linking into CAN bus and integrated systems and visually monitor critical functions. 


UNECE R10 for E–Mark certification 

We have the expertise, testing infrastructure and support equipment to perform testing in compliance with UNECE R10 for E-Mark certification to ensure that your products get to national and international markets quickly and effectively, linking our testing with Technical Service capabilities.


Access to professional expertise 

With our experience of testing hundreds of automotive products, we have the knowledge to help you identify the relevant automotive tests for your products and we will work to your specific project requirements at every stage of testing to ensure the swiftest route to compliance. 


Automotive EMC standards that we test to

  • CISPR 12/25
  • ISO 11452-1/2
  • ISO 7637
  • UNECE R10
  • EN 12895
  • IEC 61851-21-1/2
  • ISO 13309
  • OEM standards 

We perform Automotive EMC testing to a number of standards against OEM vehicle manufacturer specifications from one of our large, extensively equipped indoor EMC EMI testing laboratories in the US and the UK.

For more information about our Automotive EMC testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

Automotive EMC Testing

CE Marking for the European Union

Element supports companies from start to finish to help them negotiate European Directive standards and achieve CE Marking on electrical products.

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