Element provides testing and certification services to ensure the safety and reliability of railway components and systems. We can help you meet the EN 50121 standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


What is EN 50121

The five standards provide a framework for managing the EMC for railways. It specifies the limits for the electromagnetic (EM) emission of the railway as a whole to the outside world and for the EM emission and immunity for equipment operating within the railway.


Limits and levels are chosen to ensure a reasonable level of EMC with other apparatus within the local railway environment. 


Supporting you in meeting Railway standards

  • EN 50121-3-2 - EMC emission and immunity testing of Rolling Stock Apparatus 
  • EN 50121-4 - EMC emission and immunity testing of signaling and telecommunications apparatus
  • EN 50121-5 - EMC Emission and immunity testing of fixed power supply installations and apparatus
  • EN 50121-3-1 - EMC emissions testing of Rolling Stock, Train, and Complete Vehicle
  • EN 50121-2 - EMC emissions testing of the whole railway system to the outside world
  • EN 50155 - EMC and environmental testing of Rolling stock and Electronic equipment


Our Railway EMC services


Wireless device testing and coexistence for railway environments

With Element, you can combine EMC testing with radio coexistence testing into one cost-effective test program, including: 


The Element advantage

Element has the equipment, accreditations, and experience to help assess your products against the EN 50121 series of standards. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with EMC test chambers large enough to accommodate a whole locomotive.

Whatever the size or nature of your product, our railway compliance specialists can provide you with advice on every aspect of EMC compliance, safety compliance, and environmental compliance. This includes testing at the manufacturer's site or in situ when it comes to large products or infrastructure.

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Understanding EMC directive harmonized standards 

The EMC directive, with associated harmonized standards, requires electrical & electronic equipment manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements.


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