Element offers a wide range of testing and certification services in accordance with the EN 50121 series of standards to ensure the safety, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of your railway components and systems. 

Element has the equipment, accreditations and experience to help assess your products against the EN 50121 series of standards. Our state of the art laboratories are equipped with EMC test chambers large enough to accommodate a whole locomotive, and we can advise on all aspects of EMC, safety and environmental compliance within the railway environment, including testing at manufacturer’s sites or in-situ in the case of large products or infrastructure. 

Our Railway EMC services
Railway EMC standards we test to
  • EN 50121 Railway applications — Electromagnetic compatibility series of standards
  • Bespoke testing to consider the integration of wireless functions into rail products
  • Test plans, testing and reporting based on in-situ testing at trackside or in the rail environment.
Wireless device testing and coexistence for railway environments

As a leading provider of wireless device and radio frequency testing, Element can combine your EMC and radio testing into one cost-effective test program.

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