Element Materials Technology has global capacity for defense EMC testing as the defense industry’s leading partner for the design, testing and qualification of military equipment entering into service around the world.  

We work with defense manufacturers from the conception of their products; our Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®) service supports them through the complex nature of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) qualification and testing of modern defense equipment. Our ESQ expertise gained from testing thousands of different products every year allows us to help companies experience a smoother journey through the final testing and validation phase of their projects, reducing both their risk and the final cost of testing.  

Defense EMC testing services 

Element operates accredited EMC labs in the US (ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA or NVLAP) and in the UK (UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and have a global network of laboratories to deliver EMC testing in chambers that range in size from traditional dimensions for smaller systems or programs up to our enormous military vehicle EMC test chamber. This was originally built to test the Challenger Main Battle tank, and has recently been used for the new generation of naval systems and British army vehicles including the Mastiff and Husky.

We design and deliver pre-compliance testing and formal defense EMC testing programs for over 350 military products every year. Our expertise in tri-service testing and validation helps the entire supply chain demonstrate the durability and effectiveness of its products in the challenging military environments into which they will be deployed.

Our defense EMC testing and qualification services are designed to provide standard defense validation as well as help companies perform Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) testing in a short time period, most commonly against the following standards: 

US Based Military Standards

UK Based Military Standards 

  • DEF STAN 59-411 
  • DEF STAN 61-5 
  • BS 3G100 Part 4 Section 2: 1980 
  • DEF-STAN 61-5 

We also work with customers and the UK Ministry of Defence to develop testing packages that cover both defense and commercial requirements with a single test program:

  • CE Marking
  • E Marking
  • RADHAZ Testing
  • Naval Acceptance Testing
  • EMC Interoperability Testing
  • Immunity Integrity Testing

For more information about defense EMC testing services, or to request a quote, contact us today.

High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) Testing

Element can accommodate even the highest HIRF testing levels required by commercial, military and aircraft standards.

Indirect Lightning Testing

As a complimentary component to our High Level HIRF and Power Quality test capabilities, the flexibility of our lightning test system enables us to provide nearly any waveform transient required by your customer.

Power Quality Testing

To support your needs to meet the most stringent requirements of RTCA/DO160, MIL-STD, Def Stan 59-411, Boeing, Airbus, and many others, Element offers Power Quality testing at extremely high voltage and current levels.

Additional Aerospace and Defense Product Testing Services
In addition to EMI/EMC testing, Element offers an extensive range of product qualification testing, including environmental simulation, mechanical, safety, structural, operational, functional and performance testing as well as fluid conveyance testing and specialty tests including hail and bird strike, sand/dust, fuel icing and combined environmental and operational reliability testing.

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