Key Considerations for RTCA/DO-160G EMI Testing

By Engaged Expert Erik Borgstrom

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Why should you test to RTCA/DO-160G? What’s the difference between EMI and environmental testing requirements? How does RTCA/DO-160G compare to other standards? 

Erik Borgstrom, EMI Department Manager and Change Coordinator for DO-160 Section 25, discusses key considerations and tips for EMI testing according to RTCA/DO-160G.  His presentation highlights the importance of having a well-configured test plan, requirements of the standard, and best practices for testing. 

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Part one of the webinar series covers Sections 1-19 & 25, test methods that are frequently specified by either Technical Standard Order (TSO) or by contract for all electronic devices in an aircraft.

Part two reviews Sections 20-23 and how they relate to specific FAA (and EASA) regulations required by Federal Law to assure safe aircraft operation.

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