On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Battery Cycling

Element Expert Mike Pendleton

By Engaged Expert

Mike Pendleton

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Mike has worked in testing for over 15 years with experience aerospace, energy, automotive, and electrification. He provides insight from a wide array of perspectives and will find failures before end-users do.

Presented in partnership with SAE International's Automotive Engineering magazine, this webinar will include the latest testing requirements, procedures, and best practices in automotive battery testing. 

Battery designs today need to incorporate strong thermal management, shock and fatigue resistance, durability, fire resistance, and more while optimizing cost and offering long ranges and fast charging capability. Element expert Mike Pendleton will explain how to ensure that batteries are safe, reliable, compliant with all standards and regulations, and suitable for demanding new technical applications such as hybrids and BEVs. He is joined by a panel of our experts for a Q&A session. The presentation will cover: 

  • Multi-axis simulation testing, real-time durability / road load data acquisition (RLDA)
    Cooling systems, thermal management, pressure
    Enclosure testing: dust, spray, and chamber work
    Environmental testing: salt spray, humidity, and chamber work such as thermal shock, high temperature and humidity, and more

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