Dr. Jeffrey Bahr is a senior expert in the testing of polymer materials (principally elastomers and thermoplastics) for a variety of industries, including conventional oil & gas and energy transition applications.


Jeff brings over two decades of expertise in the realm of material science, with a specialized focus on the chemistry and properties of materials. His extensive knowledge spans a wide spectrum, encompassing polymers and the intricate world of composites, particularly those involving polymers with innovative fillers and chemistry. He is currently based at Element Houston-Cypress, a polymer testing focused laboratory.

Career highlights

Following his postgraduate studies, Dr. Bahr dedicated roughly a decade to novel materials and process technology related to scale-up as well as applications in the polymer space. In 2010, he co-founded Argen Labs LLC, driven by the core principle of delivering technical expertise and scientific rigor to a range of customers in aerospace, energy, and general industrial applications of polymers. Argen Labs was acquired by Element in 2021.


Professional qualifications

    • Ph.D., Chemistry
    • B.S., Chemistry

Affiliations / Memberships / Working groups

Jeff has served on various ISO, API, and ASTM committees and technical working groups seeking to develop or modernize materials related test methods and standards in the energy industry.

Sector expertise

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