How to prevent Clubroot : reducing the risk of disease manifestation

A guide to understanding the threat of clubroot, its effects on crop production, and how to prevent its spread. 

Affecting canola and most Brassica crops like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, clubroot is a severe soil-borne disease that causes stunting and premature death of plants. If infestation levels are high, it may destroy an entire crop with an economic impact for many years. 

Clubroot testing is an integral part of ensuring that soil is healthy for safe food production and environmental integrity.  


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This article explains what clubroot is and why it is a concern and covers all the aspects of disease prevention, including the DNA-based soil testing method, real-time PCR:

  • How to test soil for clubroot
  • Real-time PCR and its advantages
  • How to sample for soil testing

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