Element laboratories use expert plant tissue analysis to actively monitor nutrient levels in specific crops and identify nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal content in commercial crops, helping growers augment or remediate land to maximize yield and support the health of their soil.

If plants are not growing or producing as expected, analysis of the plant tissue can give important insight into the cause and clarify the path toward a solution. Plant tissue testing primarily determines whether a plant is nutrient deficient and, if so, what nutrients are lacking, as well as whether a plant has elevated concentrations of heavy metals.

Element’s plant tissue testing laboratories support farmers and agricultural operations through both testing and consulting services and can provide a suite of related services such as water testing and soil testing to help optimize growth and land yields.


Plant tissue analysis for nutrient deficiency

Nutrient deficiencies in plants can inhibit growth and significantly reduce your overall crop production. A simple nutrient analysis can help you effectively supplement deficiencies for better plant health. Element uses state-of-the-art equipment and our library of expected nutrient concentrations to detect and characterize nutrient deficiencies.


Testing for heavy metals in plant tissue

Although certain heavy metals in low concentrations are essential for plant growth, high concentrations can be toxic and can reduce growth, performance, and yield. Very high concentrations even lead to plant death. Plants with high heavy metal concentrations can also be harmful to people, as excessive consumption of certain heavy metals can negatively affect human health.

ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) analysis for heavy metals can quickly and accurately identify elevated concentrations, helping with remediation efforts. Continuous analysis of heavy metals can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of bioremediation efforts.


The Element advantage

Element’s plant tissue analysis methods are based on US EPA methodologies and the BC Ministry of the Environmental Lab Manual. Combining plant tissue analysis with our soil testing and water testing services will provide a complete picture of the nutrient profile of your land and insights on environmental health. 

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