3kHz Aerospace Engine Vibration Testing

In an industry where products and materials are constantly pushed to new limits, Element’s 3kHz aerospace engine vibration capability bridges the gap between test data and real-world scenarios to create better, more reliable products.

Unlike traditional aerospace engine vibration techniques which rely on derived values and theoretical data, our new 3kHz shaker mimics in-flight vibration levels, generating concrete results about product safety and failure thresholds. Our experts can now create test profiles that reduce the disparity between test values and real-world conditions, providing more thorough testing and reducing the test duration.

More Accurate Aerospace Engine Vibration Profiles

Because excessive vibration can have a devastating effect on aircraft, it’s critical to ensure that engines, airframes and other vital components can safely withstand shock and vibration under normal operating conditions. 

Aerospace engine vibration has traditionally been tested by methods like envelope analysis, using known values and selected data to create a vibration profile for specific equipment. However, the vibration levels recorded often exceed the 2 kHz limit available at most labs, forcing manufacturers to seek concessions to make up the difference.

Our 3 kHz shaker allows us to meet the vibration levels required for accurate, real-world testing, providing more certainty and greater precision during testing. By providing manufacturers with a single-source program that doesn’t require compromise, we provide more thorough results that yield stronger data and better products.

More Thorough Aerospace Engine Vibration Programs

Under higher frequencies, specimens are more likely to experience excitation or resonance. In addition to providing more robust data about product performance and life expectancy, this helps you predict premature failures that often go undetected during less stringent testing.

Our experts use this information to synthesize data points from vibration envelopes and profiles, creating a more complete picture of the sample’s limits and enabling us to build custom, tailored testing programs for your product. This helps designers and manufacturers create and maintain safer operating practices for the engine in-air, giving you greater confidence in your product.

More Efficient Aerospace Engine Vibration Testing

Since our 3 kHz shaker provides testing at higher frequencies than traditional methods, often shorter run times can be achieved. This means that aerospace engine vibration testing can now be completed in less time, with more complete and accurate results.

Our shaker can also make the rest of your program more efficient; with no need to request concessions and complete additional testing, we can help you get your product to market faster, helping you keep your edge in a competitive market.

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