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The Fundamentals of Aerospace Failure Analysis

When a failure occurs in the aerospace industry, we start to ask questions as to the cause. Was it the design? Was it a material? Was it a change in assembly or maintenance procedures? Was it accelerated wear and tear? Was it the environment? It can be one, none or all of the above.

As such, one of the best tools in the toolbox for any aerospace supplier or manufacturer is failure analysis. The scientific method-based approach to establishing cause and effect can be used across all phases of a product’s life cycle, from prototyping and testing to in-service maintenance and repairs. Failure analysis asks the right questions to find the right answers. Answers that beyond improving quality, performance, costs and reliability, can be a powerful defense in preventing devastating consequences.

To learn about the fundamentals of the failure analysis process, download the free white paper below.

This white paper covers: 
  • What is failure analysis?
  • The role of a failure analyst
  • Common failures in aerospace
  • The failure analysis process

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