Identify the root cause of battery failures and build better, safer products with data from Element’s comprehensive battery failure analysis.

Whether you are responding to in-use product failure or need proactive analysis before your product launches, Element’s sophisticated battery testing laboratories have the resources you need to identify the root cause of a failure and create a path to success. Element labs provide analytical services for a variety of cell and battery designs and chemistries, including lithium battery failure analysis.

Battery failure analysis overview

Element’s failure analysis services illuminate the root cause or causes of a product failure. Our experts evaluate damaged products to determine failure modes and offer professional insight on preventing future problems. We provide extensive documentation of our process and findings that may include photographs, visual microscopy, 2D X-rays and 3D CT imaging. The failure analysis process often involves a product teardown to assess internal elements that may have contributed to the failure and may extend as far as the internal elements of the component cells, if appropriate.

Element provides not only data about your product but expert input on how to address battery failure in a way that keeps you competitive in the marketplace and a leader in consumer confidence.

Product teardown & safety review

Element’s team of professionals conduct product teardown investigations both proactively and as part of failure analysis. Proactive teardown can alert you to design flaws ahead of time, provide crucial risk assessment data, or offer insight on more cost-effective design choices. This process can also be used to compare your product to competitors’ products for a better understanding of how it will perform in the market.

The Element advantage

Sources of failure can be complex and have multiple contributing factors. Trust Element’s industry-leading battery experts to give you clear, actionable information and provide the insight you need to avoid product failure in the future. To speak to a battery testing professional and learn how Element’s expertise will help you design superior next-generation products, contact us today.


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