Protect consumer safety, ensure reliable performance, and support your brand’s reputation with advanced battery safety testing for a wide range of battery-powered products.

Achieve the highest standard of battery safety with the comprehensive testing services Element provides. Incidents of dangerous battery failures have made battery safety a top priority in the industry and a focus of public concern, but comprehensive testing gives you the data you need to minimize these risks, protecting consumers and your brand.

Comply with local & international battery safety testing standards

Achieve industry accreditation and meet all applicable standards with help from Element’s dedicated staff of battery experts. Regulations and standards across the international market grow more complex with each passing year, but Element’s team is educated and up to date on relevant standards, laws, and testing requirements to support your success and get your product to market quickly.

Our labs provide certification to many UL and IEC standards, including:

  • IEC 62133-1/2 – For secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes, safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications – Part 1: Nickel Systems & Part 2: Lithium Systems
  • UL 2054 – For household and commercial batteries
  • UL1642 – For lithium batteries (cells)
  • IEC 60086-4 – Regarding the safety of lithium batteries
  • IEC 62368-1 Annex M – A battery specific-requirements of the A/V, information, and communication technology equipment standard

For a complete list of capabilities and accreditations for each battery lab location, please contact us.

Small- and large-format battery safety tests

Identify any potential safety issues across a range of cell types and chemistries with a single-source battery safety testing provider. Element’s specialized battery safety testing services examine abuse responses in both small and large format batteries.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment evaluates various safety parameters, including internal short circuits, overcharges, crush, impact, nail penetration, and thermal runaway propagation. Data from these tests allows you to address design issues early and anticipate hazardous in-use scenarios.

The Element advantage

Element‘s battery experts and high-capacity network of dedicated laboratories allow us to provide safety testing services across a range of industries and regions. We test batteries for applications in electric vehicles, industrial equipment, medical devices, consumer goods, aerospace applications, outdoor power products, and more.

Element is the leader in battery safety testing, ensuring customers receive the highest standards of service and quality. Reach out today to learn how Element supports your battery safety testing needs.

  • UN 38.3
  • IEC 62133-1
  • IEC 62133-2
  • IEC 62281
  • IEC 60086-4
  • IEC 62368-1, Annex M
  • UL 1642
  • UL 2054
  • UL 62133
  • UL 60086-4

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