Ensuring the safety of your products is your key concern. Helping you monitor and maintain proper aseptic practices is ours. Our media-fill test kits and testing services make it easy to validate confidence in your aseptic procedures.

Our exclusive media-fill test program provides aseptic compounding proficiency test kits that validate confidence in your aseptic procedures. These ready-to-use kits are formatted for different use cases and put everything you need right at your fingertips.

How it works:

  • Purchase our kit, which includes everything you need to simulate sterile compounding activities.
  • Have your staff complete the kit simulation and return the kits to our lab.
  • Element will test the returned kits to determine what level of contamination, if any, exists in the compounded mixtures.
  • When your results are available, we will partner with you to resolve any contamination control deficiencies.

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