Keeping your facilities safe – that’s what matters. Without that, your product can’t carry out its intended mission. Element will partner with you to help you mitigate your risk of contamination.

With more than 25 years of experience developing Environmental Monitoring (EM) programs for clients ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to compounding pharmacies and electronics manufacturers, we have you covered. Our experts also are available to train your staff in proper aseptic practices. Our clients include hospitals, compounders, and pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

Why You Need EM

Environmental Monitoring programs allow manufacturers and compounders to measure and monitor cleanliness and contamination levels within their facility. Element provides comprehensive EM services, as well as education and training in proper aseptic practices for your staff. We will partner with you to validate your cleaning and disinfection processes, as well as aseptic technique, to help you produce the safest possible product.

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