The Customer

Alstom Power Limited

The Location

Energy Centre and Grain Power Station.

The Requirement

To develop a fire safety strategy for two new gas fired power stations and conduct Fire Risk Assessment and Fire System Installation Audits.

The challenge

To design compliant buildings and sites while developing a dialogue with the Regulators to ensure smooth project delivery.

The solution

Element undertook various phased bespoke risk assessments to suit each project, with reports presented in a style to match legislative life safety requirements. Assessments covered the preliminary fire risk assessment and the construction phase to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005 while satisfying the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.

The result

The dialogue with the Regulators proved very effective, with the project quickly progressing to the design and approval stage. Compliance with the Order was achieved by satisfying both the Health and Safety Executive and the fire authority, and the site programme benefited from compliance with many protocols including Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations.