The company

Fisker – Karma

The location

Element Warren, USA

The tests

Element was contracted to help develop an Advanced Development Validation (ADV) plan for the interior of the vehicle, and manage through two development cycles including Design Validation (DV) and Process Validation (PV). The normal development cycle is 18 months for three interior combinations, but the project was to be delivered within a shortened timeline of nine months, with seven interior combinations. Assemblies included the instrument panel, center console, door trim, overhead system, decorative trim, carpet and acoustics.

Element identified a dedicated program manager to work with the design integrator Magna International, and the OEM, Fisker. We identified the testing parameters, combined testing assemblies/components to shorten the testing schedules, and worked with our partners to overcome testing shortfalls. In suggesting material changes Element met the program timing of 9 months.

The result

The Karma was launched for 'hand build' production volumes on time, while meeting design, production and end user requirements. The Karma went on to win car design of the year for 2012, making it a must have accessory for a number of celebrities and car enthusiasts worldwide.