The company

Taweelah Asia Power Company (TAPCO) is a power and water production company that generates power in Abu Dhabi. It is responsible for the Taweelah B Power and Desalination Plant, which is part of the Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP), located 80 km north east of Abu Dhabi city. The project is the fifth and largest IWPP developed in Abu Dhabi under the Government’s programme for the privatization of the water and power sector.

The challenge

Element won a five-year outsourcing deal with TAPCO to assume responsibility for all water testing performed on and off site and also for the provision of support and advisory services to ensure the quality of the drinking water produced on the plant.

The solution

Element experts are providing on-site testing at the Taweelah B Power and Desalination Plant, while its lab-based teams are providing off-site testing at Element's Dubai facility for the more specialist analysis required to verify that water quality complies with the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB). Drawing on its track record in the provision of water chemistry services in the UAE, Element will ensure that its customers meet regulatory requirements and that the public has access to safe drinking water at all times.