Element Materials Technology will be presenting two technical seminars at the Residuals & Resource Recovery Committee and Laboratory Committee Joint Seminar. This seminar provides wastewater and related professions education in addition to networking opportunities focusing on resource recovery, biosolids, land application, nutrient reduction and harvesting, sampling means, methods, analytical techniques and laboratory.

Element’s environmental experts, John Rigdon and Zach Bowman will be presenting key insights into Biosolids, including “The Chemistry of Anaerobic Digestion” and “Planning your sampling and analysis of Biosolids.


 Zach Bowman

“The Chemistry of Anaerobic Digestion”

 Anaerobic digestion has historical roots dating 200 years.  The process which is employed worldwide has been refined and customized for the reclamation of energy and digestion of organic matter.  Due to the nature of the biological and chemical processes found within an anaerobic digester, methane can be captured as an end product of bacteriological activity.  But what is actually happening in these systems?  What is responsible for this reaction?  What is important to monitor when assessing the performance of these systems?  An overview of the bacteriological and chemical reactions occurring in these systems as well as system performance monitoring and assessment will be addressed.

 John Rigdon

“Planning your sampling and analysis of Biosolids”

 One of the keys to getting good data is to properly plan and execute the sampling that best represents your conditions. This class will walk the user through the sampling process, containers, holding times and reporting process. This will help the user understand how to best coordinate their efforts to result in a positive outcome. It is the foundation of an effective land application program.

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