Element will be exhibiting at the 12th Annual Automotive Seating Innovators Summit on July 30 – August 1 in Livonia, MI. Meet Element’s experts and discover how our transportation and automotive testing services deliver a precise and consistent performance of test methods and evaluation for your seating system components.
About the event

Auto-IQ's 12th Annual Automotive Seating Summit will provide a platform for designers and engineers to discuss changes in the seating sector as automakers explore new designs to remain competitive now, and new thinking around changes to the industry with the mainstreaming of autonomous vehicles, and car and ride shares.

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Why attend? 

Element has been at the heart of the global automotive testing and wider transportation industry for almost 100 years. Our quality program meets the ISO/IEC Guide 17025 standards (equivalent to the relevant laboratory requirements of the ISO 9002 series of standards).

During the event, you will have a chance to meet our testing specialists and learn how we can help you ensure that your latest products are safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

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Schedule a meeting with one of our Engaged Experts to discuss Element’s comprehensive range of seating system components services, including:


  • MAST (Standard & Hexapod) 0 to 100 Hz - Real time simulation with six degrees of freedom
  • Thermal MAST inside quiet room 0 to 100Hz
  • Electrodynamic vibration with thermal 5 to 2000 Hz


  • Multi axis vertical, pitch and roll BSR testing
  • Modal analysis
  • Capable of meeting both front and rear seat complete BSR test requirements for Nissan, GM, Ford, FCA


  • Jounce
  • Seat structure fatigue
  • Manual and power life cycle durability – track, back, height etc.
  • Knee load
  • Wire harness durability & electrical validation
  • Seat heater, motor and control module electrical testing


  • VOC - material and seat complete
  • Corrosion – component, structural and seat complete
  • Metallurgical and weld strength analysis
  • Textile & polymer materials testing
  • Failure analysis – metals, polymers and textile

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