Element’s experts Steve Hayes, Technical Director for Connected Technologies, and Michael Derby, Technical Director for Radio Approvals will be presenting at this year’s Demystifying EMC virtual event.

About the event

Demystifying EMC goes virtual this year, as a three-day digital event featuring a mix of live, educational and interactive events, as well as a virtual exhibition.

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Our wireless and radio experts will be presenting on radio approvals and modules, EMC, and security. We will also have a virtual stand at the event and be ready to consult on all of your upcoming projects. 

Element works in partnership with manufacturers of wireless, IoT, and radio devices in a wide range of industry sectors, including the IT, Medical, Industrial, and Automotive markets. We provide expert guidance from initial product conception onwards, supporting successful product launches, and providing tailored advisory, training, testing, and certification services. 

Our wireless experts guide you through the whole product life-cycle, enabling you to feel in control to get your products to market quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

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Stephen Hayes

Steve Hayes is the Technical Director for Connected Technologies at Element. He heads up the advice service of Element known as Early Stage Qualification, or ESQ® and remains highly active on a number of national and international committees, writing standards. Steve is also currently the Chairman of the EMC Test Labs Association and Chairman of the European Commission’s Association of Notified Bodies relating to the EMC Directive. 

Steve represents the interests of EU Notified Bodies in the European Commission with respect to the EMC Directive and acts as a contributing author to official guidance regarding the Directive and its application.

Michael Derby, Technical Director, Regulatory Approvals

Michael Derby is the Technical Director for Regulatory Approvals in the Connected Technologies division of Element.  Michael has experience in product development, testing, certification, and compliance as a manufacturer, radio and EMC test engineer, a TCB for the FCC, an FCB for Industry Canada, a CB for OFCA Hong Kong, a Notified Body for the EMC and RE Directives and an Approved Body for the UK Radio Regulations.

Michael is presently the Vice-Chair of the TCB Council Board of Directors and is an active member of the REDCA, serving as TCB Council’s liaison to the Notified Body association.  Michael is the author and contributor to many technical papers on the topic of radio approvals and integration of radio into other equipment.  He is also the secretary of the EMC Test Lab Association and provides education and training activities, including webinars and seminar workshops.

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